Wednesday, April 15, 2020

GOTTA LEVEL: It's Easier Than Ever To PEVL! (Easy ways to register to vote, update your address, sign up for PEVL, etc.)

In these uncertain times, there is no reason not to request to be on Arizona’s Permanent Early Voting List (aka “PEVL”). You will receive an early ballot that you can then mail in. (BONUS: If you then prefer to vote in person, you can still do that, instead. You simply keep your options open.)  

Here are some of the many ways that YOU can join the list today!

1) Service Arizona! This statewide government service mostly known for helping with vehicle registration and Motor Vehicle Department stuff is now a great place to go to make sure you're registered to vote AND receiving a ballot in the mail. This link goes right to their voter registration start page. 

It was not easy to get the MVD system working so well with the counties' voter registration databases and the Secretary of State's Office. In fact, court battles were fought to make this happen. Take advantage of it.

2) Secretary of State's portal to request early ballot, from every county. This went live in May, after many of the options below were compiled. Very convenient.

3) Maricopa County Recorder's: The Recorder's Office has made it even more simple to check to see if you are already on their PEVL. If you are not, here is a fillable form that you can then print out and mail in. (If you live outside Maricopa County, you could probably use this form and mail it to your own County Recorder's Office.)

4) Pima County Recorder's: This form is not fillable, but it is easy enough to print out, fill in and mail back. In fact, print it out double-sided, fold it over (tape it to seal) to protect your private information and you do not need to use one of your hoarded envelopes.

5) Pinal County Recorder's: Here is their fillable form for you to mail in.

6) Your County Recorder's website. Here's a list of contact information.

7) Voter registration form! If you haven't yet registered or need to change your registration, and you're having trouble logging in to Service Arizona, print out this Voter Registration form and mail it in to YOUR County Recorder's Office. (Sorry, the form is not fillable.)

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