Thursday, August 25, 2016

$6.5 Million! 10 Biggest-Spending Federal SuperPACs In Arizona, 2016 (So Far) (FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS)

Arizona's primary election is 5 days away, and it is a good time to look at how SuperPACs have been spending their money so far. The 10 biggest Arizona spenders on federal races have thus far put in approximately $6.5M. Our list - compiled from Federal Election Commission filings - is below.

Only two of the Top 10 is putting dark money into the state - the U.S. and Arizona Chamber joint effort supporting Sen. John McCain, and a shadowy Citizens for a Working America - which seems to be using its support of McCain for fundraising. However, at least three SuperPACs have taken in and spent approximately $1,800,000 since the last cut-off (on August 10); this means that their monies being used in primary contests is effectively dark and will not be disclosed until October 15.

Not surprisingly, the battle(s) for McCain's long-held Senate seat are attracting the most money (≈$4.7M) from our Top 10. SuperPACs supporting Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton in the March Presidential Preference Election attracted about $700,000. Primary battles in two Congressional districts (CD5 and CD4) that will likely stay in GOP hands also have attracted action, and the Republican primary in the toss-up CD1 has one big-spending SuperPAC.

Here is the list:
1)     $2,622,446 Arizona Grassroots Action, supporting McCain. We have done several articles about them, and they have received (and spent) at least $1.1M since Aug. 10
2)     $1,200,150 U.S. Chamber of Commerce/Arizona Chamber, supporting McCain. 50 on the #50ShadesOfDarkMoney spectrum. Our most recent article about them; we have no idea if they have received post-Aug. 10 money
3)        $729,053  KelliPAC, supporting Senate hopeful Kelli Ward. Billionaire Robert Mercer is main funder, and at least $672,000 has been received (and spent) since Aug. 10
4)        $558,013  Club For Growth Action, supporting Andy Biggs/opposing Christine Jones in CD5
5)        $549,685  TrusTed Leadership, supported Ted Cruz for President
6)        $281,854  Right Way, attacking Rep. Paul Gosar/supporting Ray Strauss. Surprised Gosar, who believed that GOP Establishment/Leadership was coming after him; turned out to be agricultural interests
7)        $238,077  Defend Rural Arizona, supporting Wendy Rogers/opposing Paul Babeu. This is also funded by Robert Mercer and has spent at least $24k since Aug. 10
8)        $141,189  Priorities USA is the mammoth Hillary Clinton SuperPAC
9)        $120,790  Citizens for Working America claims to be supporting McCain. However, it may be one of those fundraising mills taking donors for a ride
10)        $74,044  National Association for Gun Rights, attacking McCain as going on "an anti-gun rampage"

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