Sunday, August 7, 2016

WATCH: Sen. Flake's List Of 'Things Trump Should Change' Keeps Growing; Featured Guest On Face The Nation

Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) was the featured guest on CBS's Face the Nation this morning, and he continued to face down the GOP's Presidential nominee, Donald Trump.  "If none of us on the Republican side are pushing back and saying that that (Trump's inflammatory comments, etc.) needs to change, then I don't believe he will change."

Flake said that his friend - and VP nominee - Mike Pence did try to get Flake to reverse course and endorse by making the pitch that Trump is different privately than his public persona.  Flake has faced down Trump privately and ended up on the nominee's enemies list, and he had a ready response: "If you could govern in private, I guess it would be OK, but you can't!"

 "I sill hope to support our nominee. It's becoming increasingly difficult to see that he's going to make the changes he needs. These changes, like I said, are not only have to be tone and tenor, some positions he's taken need to change." Those positions have included: more serious immigration policy, NATO, and the Muslim ban ("seems to be walked back, but we're not sure where he's landed there"). Today, in response to John Dickerson's questioning, he added trade: "We're going to be left behind if we don't enter multi-lateral trade agreements."

Before the 6:15 interview, CBS released results of its latest Arizona poll, showing Trump leading Hillary Clinton by 2 points (within the 4.8% margin of error.

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