Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Arpaio Is "Sad" About "Misinterpreted" Trump "Twitters": Heck, He Only Has 144 Characters, Not Time To Write A Book

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Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio took to the stage in Phoenix Tuesday night to defend GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump and his oft-notorious tweeting habits. Arpaio - who admitted he does not know much about "Twitters" - said he is "sad" that Trump gets "misinterpreted" when he "puts out Twitters" that are limited in length. (Full quote below.)

Arpaio spoke before former Governor Jan Brewer introduced Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence. Arpaio knows that Trump still supports those who have served in the military because he knows Trump's heart is good. "Don't listen to all the garbage you hear from the other side," Arpaio implored.

Arpaio blamed the misinterpretation of Trump's "twitters" on the media, and said that "I know his heart."

Earlier in the day, interviewed on KTAR, Brewer said she wished Trump would "tone it down" sometimes and not permit himself to be "baited."  Brewer did not repeat those wishes in her Pence introduction. Instead, she focused on a basic red-meat-and-potatoes message.

Arpaio is up for re-election this year for a 7th term, and is also awaiting a decision by a federal judge about whether he will be referred for a criminal contempt investigation stemming from his flouting Court orders stemming from a long-running racial profiling case.

Full classic Arpaio quote: "I don't know twitters. I don't even have an email. But, you know I guess sometimes you use a twitter, you don't have many - what is it, a 144 characters? You have to say something, you can't write a book on the twitter. So, sometimes he probably puts out twitters, he doesn't have time to write a book on it and he's misinterpreted. But I know his heart, I know his heart, and I feel very sad at the heat he's taken. Especially from the media. Very sad about it....Yeah, we've got some media out there. I love the media. Love you guys!"

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