Friday, August 5, 2016

LISTEN, BREAKING: McCain (Finally) Explodes, Goes Off On Media, Obama, Merrick Garland "Not Well-Qualified", More

(UPDATE, 4:15pm: the full, 15 1/2 minute interview is now up at KJZZ, and we have corrected the quote re: Garland from "unqualified" to "not well-qualified". Key portions of the interview are at KJZZ's website. Please consider making a donation to KJZZ to support journalism and in appreciation of this interview.)

After keeping his cool through a long and winding week, Arizona Senator John McCain exploded today during an interview with Phoenix' NPR station, KJZZ. The Senator - who is up for re-election and is facing primary and general election challenges - immediately set the tone when Phil Latzman asked him about the week of Trump.

McCain accused Latzman of not doing his homework because he had blasted the current GOP Presidential nominee for his treatment of the Khan family.  McCain then broadened the criticism to the media in general and the New York Times.

Moving on, he lashed out with some of his harshest rhetoric for President Barack Obama, blaming him for the lack of immigration reform. Now that he was fully over-heated, McCain said lingering Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland "is not well-qualified" to serve on the Court, and stated that Trump's Supreme Court nominee(s) would be far more preferable to some of Hillary Clinton's "far left" nominees. (Withdraw the danged nominee, he might state in his next ad.)

McCain has endured likely the most tumultuous week in the national spotlight since he was the GOP's Presidential nominee in 2008 and had chosen Sarah Palin as his running mate. After criticizing Trump, the Presidential nominee announced that he could not endorse McCain in his primary battle against state Sen. Kelli Ward. Then, in short order, VP nominee Mike Pence spoke nicely about McCain, declined to offer his endorsement, had Newt Gingrich endorse in his (and, Trump's) place, and finally received a one sentence, written endorsement from Pence.

Awaiting McCain (or Ward) in the general election campaign, is Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-CD1), in what appears to be a tight contest.

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