Monday, December 3, 2012

Gov. Brewer Not Yet "Considered Presidential Aspirant" But Meets With GOP Big Money Guy

Politico is reporting that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was one of five Republican Governors to have private meetings with GOP money super-heavyweight Sheldon Adelson last month after the election.  However, the article points out that she was one of two that are "not considered presidential aspirants."

Adelson and his family contributed "a record $84 million or more" to GOP groups and plans to continue to spend big, according to the Politico article on potential presidential candidates starting to court the big money.

Brewer had her own eponymous Super PAC "Jan PAC") this past election cycle, and raised (and spent) a fraction of Adelson's efforts.  As Arizona's Politics has reported, Jan PAC has apparently violated federal election and Montana laws in its support of unsuccessful Montana Senate candidate Denny Rehberg, and accepted support from a major payday lender shortly before defending Arizona Congressional candidate Jonathan Paton (in CD1), who was being attacked for his ties to the payday lending industry.

(h/t David Fitsimmons at Arizona Daily Star)

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