Wednesday, December 26, 2012

HERE WE GO AGAIN!?!: New Senator Follows Obama's Footsteps

How long 'til we see non-ironic mentions of this, with demands for birth certificates and college transcripts, and whispers of Manchurian candidates?  Hawaii's new U.S. Senator, Brian Schatz (D), has these similarities with the current President.

1) Midwestern roots. Schatz born in Michigan, Obama's mother from Kansas.
2) Grew up in Hawaii.  BOTH attended same independent school there, Punahou School.
3) Went to college in California.  Only part of the time for Obama.)
4) Visited Kenya!!!
5) Schatz worked in non-profit sector, Obama was community organizer.
6) State legislative experience.
7) Got to U.S. Senate in non-traditional way. Obama in election where Democratic and Republican front-runners (former Senator and incumbent, respectively) withdrew. Schatz named by Governor.
8)  Abrahamic faiths. Obama is Christian who is sometimes accused of being a Muslim.  Schatz is Jewish.

One can only imagine what Schatz and Obama are plotting TOGETHER on Air Force One tonight!!!  (Hmm, if Schatz runs in 2016, he would have spent the same amount of time in the Senate as Obama did.)

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