Friday, January 11, 2019

BREAKING, WATCH: Arizona Rep. Gosar Tells President To Throw *Brushback* At Dems, And Using Nogales Sewage Issue As Example For Border Emergency To Build More Wall In Southern Arizona

Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar has spoken with "high ranking officials in the Trump Administration" about about throwing a fastball "to brush the Democrats off the plate" by using the Nogales sewage issues as justification to declare an emergency and "redirect money from the Army Corps of Engineers' from other projects to southern Arizona."

Gosar (R-CD4) appeared on C-Span's Washington Journal to talk about the border wall and the government shutdown. Press Secretary Melissa Brown confirmed to Arizona's Politics today that the Congressman has had those conversations and has pointed to the transnational sewage issue in the Nogales, Arizona (and Sonora) area "as additional justification." (Full statement below.)

Gosar's comments came after he indicated that he believed President Trump's prime time address about the border moved public opinion in his favor. As evidence, he cited the tele-Town Hall he conducted the next evening. He did not think that anyone in Congress was swayed, however.

Gosar took questions and comments from viewers for approximately 30 minutes.

Statement to Arizona's Politics by Melissa Brown:
"He has spoken with high-ranking officials in the Trump Administration about utilizing the Army Corps of Engineers to construct a significant portion of Trump’s wall on certain federal lands along the Southern Border. The Administration already has the authority to declare an emergency and direct the Corps, but Rep. Gosar has also pointed to the Nogales example and the open sewage running into Arizona as additional justification."

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