Thursday, January 24, 2019

HERE'S LOOKIN' AT YOU, ARIZONA: Politico Updates Rural Arizona Transit Woes Due To Government Shutdown - "We're Out of Business"

Politico has updated an earlier Arizona Republic story about effects of an ongoing federal government shutdown threatening rural Arizona transit service. In fact, Yavapai Regional Transit could be "out of business."

The shutdown is now into its second month, and today's votes in the Senate mean that there is no solution currently in sight.

Yavapai Regional Transit Board Chairman Ron Romley told Politico that it has not received a reimbursement from the federal government since November and has been drawing down its bank account to pay workers and expenses.
“If we do get down to the point, we are out of business. We’re done. Anytime we have to pull a route, or if we don’t do something like we normally do, we lose a lot of customers, and it takes a long time to try and get them back.
“If this continues on for very much longer, we are probably going to be in that situation. We’ve got to make a decision.”
Politico also spoke with Cottonwood's transportation manager, Bruce Morrow. Morrow was careful not to blame President Trump for the shutdown, but he is under orders to cut service if the shutdown goes through February, “which would be quite painful for everybody.” Cottonwood serves 100,000 riders/year and is currently owed $500,000 by the federal government.

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