Thursday, May 7, 2020

BREAKING: Arizona Supreme Court Decides First Election Challenges, Leaves Glendale Mayoral and Council Races Intact

The Arizona Supreme Court decided the first pair of election challenges this afternoon, affirming the trial court's decisions and leaving the Glendale mayoral and city council races intact.
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The Superior Court judge last week decided that mayoral candidate Michelle Robertson would remain on the ballot after finding that a petition circulator who had been convicted of a felony WAS able to gather signatures because his/her civil rights had been properly restored pursuant to A.R.S Sxn 16-321(D). The Supreme Court agreed.

In the Council race, Bryce Alexander's petitions had been challenged. The Superior Court judge heard testimony and decided that challenger Joyce Clark had not established that the circulator who signed the back of several petition sheets had not witnessed the voters' signatures. The Supreme Court today found that Judge Sanders had not abused her discretion.

The Supreme Court Justices have six more appeals to decide, including cases involving three of the six Republican candidates for the Arizona Corporation Commission.

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