Wednesday, May 6, 2020

BREAKING: "The Lincoln Project" - Trump's Latest Nemesis - Buys Ads On Phoenix TV, Asks Sen. McSally "Why?" (WATCH premiere of ad)

After prompting President Trump into a series of late night hate tweets just before traveling to Phoenix, The Lincoln Project group of ex- and disgruntled Republicans is training its sights on one of the President's guests on Air Force One.

The ad is titled "Why?", and goes after Arizona Senator Martha McSally. It will air on Phoenix TV stations, starting tomorrow. The Lincoln Project has purchased approximately $65,009 worth of airtime so far.

The Lincoln Project ad accuses the Senator of putting President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ahead of Arizona during the pandemic rescue packages.

"Arizona deserves a leader with the strength and courage to stand up to bullies like Donald Trump. Of course, it would be impossible to fill the shoes of a leader like John McCain, but Sen, Mc Sally doesn't even appear to be trying," TLP Advisor Jennifer Horn told Arizona's Politics. "In spite of the fact that Arizona ranked 7th in the nation for small businesses affected by the coronavirus shut down, they rank last in PPP loans. When will she stand up for the small businesses that are the economic engine of her state?"

Arizona's Politics is the first place where you can see this new ad.*

Besides Horn, the group is comprised of a number of high-profile Republican consultants, including two who were senior advisors to the late Sen. John McCain - Steve Schmidt and John Weaver.

The ad earlier this week which infuriated Trump was a clever play on the iconic "Morning In America" ad used during President Ronald Reagan's re-election campaign. Trump did not believe it was clever, calling them "LOSERS" (all caps, his) who "copied" the 1984 ad.

It is unlikely that Sen. McSally will follow the President's playbook in reacting to this new ad.

The group had released an online ad calling McSally a "Trump hack" back in January, but this is the first time that they have bought airtime in the Arizona Senate race. The likely battle between McSally and Mark Kelly is on track to be the most expensive and closely-watched Senate race in the country.

* The premiere of the ad is here only because Arizona's Politics sought a link and comment about the ad from TLP, before it had been released. No monies were requested or offered.

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