Wednesday, May 13, 2020

BREAKING: "Save Our Schools" Shuts Down Its Initiative Campaign After Today's Supreme Court Decision; "Invest In Ed" Keeps Going

Hours after the Arizona Supreme Court shut down the last hope for initiative campaigns to gather signatures through the state's already-existing E-Qual website, the Save Our Schools suspended its attempt to place a measure limiting Arizona's school voucher program on November's ballot. However, Invest In Ed promised to keep collecting signatures the old-fashioned way.

The Supreme Court came to the same conclusion that a separate case reached in federal court - that the Arizona Constitution requires initiative petition signatures to be collected in person.

Proponents of several ballot initiatives had brought the cases in light of the extraordinary stay-at-home Executive Orders. The state Supreme Court Justices, a U.S. District Court Judge and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals all found that that was not enough to overcome the in person language in the Constitution.

Save Our Schools expressed its disappointment late this afternoon, saying "Arizona voters have been denied their fundamental rights."
"Regretfully, we have decided to suspend our campaign. We know that the COVID-19 pandemic is far from under control in Arizona, and we do not want to put our amazing volunteers at risk."
Save Our Schools successfully collected referendum signatures a couple of years ago to halt a law passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor that would have significantly expanded the voucher programs. The law was tossed by voters.

Earlier today, Invest In Ed said "we never said it would be easy.... Despite the ruling, we are forging ahead. We remain 100% committed to this effort."

Other initiative campaigns suspended their efforts earlier, while Arizona's Politics reported last week that three campaign stepped up their efforts to hire paid petition circulators. In addition to Invest In Ed, those are the efforts to legalize marijuana and to revise prison sentences for non-dangerous offenses.

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