Thursday, May 21, 2020

BREAKING: Trump Tells McConnell He's Concerned About McSally's Chances In Arizona --Politico

President Donald Trump pulled Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell aside today and expressed concern about Martha McSally's chances to win her U.S. Senate seat in November's special election. This according to three people familiar with the discussion, Politico reported this afternoon.

The pull-aside conversation took place near the end of their meeting at the White House today. A new poll this week shows presumptive Democratic nominee Mark Kelly leading McSally by 13 percentage points - a lead that has been growing.

McConnell reportedly told the President that the election is still a long way away. A McConnell spokesman said later, “Leader McConnell is fully supportive of Senator McSally and believes she’s on a path to victory in November.”

The same OH Predictive Insights poll shows Trump himself in danger of losing Arizona, trailing presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, 50%-43%. 

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