Monday, May 4, 2020

UPDATE: No Miracle - Plaintiffs Dismiss Entire Suit Challenging Initiative Circulator "Strikeout" Law, One Day After 9th Circuit Appeal

The plaintiffs today dismissed their entire challenge to Arizona's so-called "strikeout" law, which requires a judge to throw out all initiative petition signatures collected if the circulator fails to show up in court during the court challenge. It was only Friday that the 9th Circuit affirmed the decision to not grant an injunction against the law.

The case had been filed by Arizonans for Fair Lending (and other groups and individuals), in anticipation of filing enough signatures to attract a court challenge to its proposal to outlaw high interest title loans. The group had suspended its signature-gathering efforts after District Court Judge Susan Bolton denied their injunction request. Now, it suspends its court challenge.

To view the Notice of Voluntary Dismissal, please head to sister site AZ Law, where this article first appeared.

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