Wednesday, September 11, 2013

DEADLINE DAY For Medicaid Expansion, Common Core Referenda; "I Doubt We Will Reach"

Today is the deadline for the referenda petitions on the Medicaid (aka AHCCCS) Expansion (aka Obamacare Expansion, aka "The People's Veto") and the Common Core (aka School District Bonding Limits).  And, according to the Chairwoman of the former, it is unlikely that they will have enough to turn in today.

Christine Bauserman sent out the following e-mail to the mailing list for the United Republic Alliance of Principled Conservatives late last night:

I will collect the petitions in Tucson Wednesday morning and then drive to Phoenix for a final count.  We are very close but I doubt we will reach the required number tomorrow.
If you need to meet me along the highway please call:  520-235-2234.
I will be on the Capitol lawn around noon and 
 notaries will be available.
Please wait until this time to bring petitions to the Capitol.
Do not turn your petitions into Linda Brickman, she has no authority to accept your petitions. 

The Common Core referendum had planned to piggy-back its collection efforts on the AHCCCS Expansion effort, and has sought/received very little attention.  Therefore, it is even less likely that they will file.

The deadline for the referendum effort on the election reform bill (HB2305) is actually tomorrow, but they plan on turning in more than the necessary signatures today.

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