Thursday, September 12, 2013

WATCH: Masquerade Ball, As Arizona Solar Fight Bringing In National Players; Conservative Organization Airing Spot Claiming Obama Campaign "Trotting Out" Goldwater (FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS)

This could start looking like one of those many movies or TV shows where a masquerade ball devolves into everyone ripping off each other's masks.

The battle before the Arizona Corporation Commission over solar power and net-metering is looking more like a national energy battlefield today as a national conservative organization largely funded by the coal-based Koch brothers and the American Petroleum Institute is buying airtime in Phoenix.

In the 30-second spot titled "Who is TUSK?", the 60 Plus Association claims that one of the main groups fighting for more solar energy is really President Obama and liberal groups "trotting out" former GOP Congressman and son of Arizona's conservative icon Barry Goldwater to hide its real roots.

60 Plus is purchasing approximately $44,000 in ad time in the Phoenix market, airing their spot this weekend.

It was just this week that national organizations have been reporting on some of the campaign finance mechanisms used by wealthy Koch brothers and fellow conservative moneypeople.  In fact, the Center for Responsive Politics ( reported today that 60 Plus Association has been a key recipient of Koch brothers' and American Petroleum Institute largesse.  (The Koch brothers wealth comes largely from their coal and coal-related businesses.)

Arizona's battle over solar power, net metering and rates is receiving more and more attention as the Corporation Commission is discussing and preparing to make decisions that will influence the future of solar energy in Arizona.  The Phoenix New Times ran an explanatory cover story in July, followed by a similar series in the Arizona Republic.

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