Monday, September 9, 2013

UPDATE: Arizona Senator Jeff FLAKE Also Shooting Two For Charity Tonight

Arizona's Politics just posted on Rep. Paul Gosar playing basketball for charity.  We even threw in a picture of now-Sen. Jeff Flake from a past Congressmen vs. Lobbyists event.  Little did we know.

We were Tweeting the article to followers of the other Congressmen (yes, all guys) when we got to "Sen. Jeff Blake".  That had not caught our "AZ-dar" earlier, for obvious reasons.  But, after uttering an audible "Hunh, what a coincidence", we realized that it was simply a typo that threw us.  (For once, the typo is someone else's, not ours.)

Sooo, that picture of Flake in action from years gone by IS relevant!  Here it is again, only bigger and centered:

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