Tuesday, September 3, 2013

WATCH: McCain, Flake Back-to-Back On Fox News: Allahu Akhbar, Speaking Strategy

Arizona is the only state that has both of its U.S. Senators on the influential Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  And, one of them is named John McCain.  Which means that it was not surprising that both McCain and Jeff Flake - both Republicans - were practically back-to-back on Fox News this morning.

McCain - fresh off of his high-profile meeting with President Barack Obama on Labor Day - raised a lot of eyebrows when he called out Fox News host Brian Kilmeade for apparently suggesting that a Syrian rebel yelling "Allahu Akhbar" when a Syrian jet was shot down was reason to be concerned about assisting them in their civil war against the Assad government.

McCain's retort:  "Would you have a problem with an American person saying ‘Thank God! Thank God!'?  That’s what they're saying. Come on!  Of course they're Muslims, but they're moderates. I guarantee you that they are moderates. I know them and I've been with them. For someone to say 'Allahu Akbar' is about as offensive as someone saying 'Thank God.'"

Here's the full interview:  

In the very next program, Bill Hemmer interviewed Flake, whose main concern coming out of a classified briefing and going into this afternoon's open hearing seemed to be the strategy of waiting for Congressional approval for the strike:   

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