Friday, August 30, 2013

OFF-TOPIC: National Weather Service Issues Special Shopping Weather Statement As Strong Thunderstorm Moving From East Valley Mall To Other Major Shopping Areas

As a long time news and weather person, I have seen my share of alerts, advisories, warnings and special statements from the National Weather Service.  Tonight's was something I had not seen before.

The "Special Weather Statement" noted that the NWS had detected a strong thunderstorm near the mall in Chandler.  And, as it makes its way to the northeast, it might impact several other shopping areas.

Of course, the reasons for naming landmarks that people will recognize makes perfect sense.  (However, if the storm is moving to the northeast, it could have trouble hitting many of the listed locations.)  It just surprised me, especially since it is not a major shopping day.

* * *

Also surprising me was getting caught in the VERY localized I-10/Warner rainstorm.  I heard it specifically noted on the radio, and I arrived there - with sloooow traffic - about 10 minutes later.  It was indeed STILL raining right at Warner, there was ponding (see Special Weather Statement above) from a 1/4 before Warner to a 1/4 mile after Warner, and the highway was practically DRY before and after.  Remarkable!

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