Thursday, August 29, 2013

Martin Sepulveda Writes Off 6-Figure Debt and 2nd Campaign For Congress; Sets Sights On State Treasurer

Martin Sepulveda, former Chandler City Councilmember and candidate for Congress (CD9), has terminated his 2nd campaign for Congress and set his sights on replacing Doug Ducey as the Arizona State Treasurer.  In so doing, Sepulveda wrote off nearly all of a $100,000 loan he gave to his 2012 campaign to win the new Congressional District 9 seat (now held by Democrat Rep. Kyrsten Sinema).

Sepulveda had filed his Statement of Candidacy for the crowded Republican primary field in CD9 back in January, but as of June 30 had not raised any funds.

Then, yesterday, he filed a letter with the Federal Election Commission formally forgiving $96,997.39 of the $100,000.00 which he had lent his 2012 campaign.  He then terminated his campaign committee (which needs to be approved by the FEC).

Today, Sepulveda registered with the Arizona Secretary of State to run for Arizona State Treasurer.  The only other person to have filed for that office - to be elected next year - is fellow Republican Jeff DeWit.  It is widely expected that current Treasurer Doug Ducey will run for Governor; however, he has not filed for any office yet.

Sepulveda finished a very close third place - 1,019 votes behind nominee Vernon Parker - in the seven-person GOP primary contest for the Congressional nomination last year.  He served two non-consecutive terms on the Chandler City Council.

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