Wednesday, August 21, 2013

UPDATE: Activist Randy Parraz Greatly "Disappointed" That He Had To Dismiss Case Against Maricopa County Sheriff's Office And That Joe Arpaio Attacked Him

Arizona's Politics reported yesterday on the morning-of-trial dismissal of the civil harrassment suit filed by activist Randy Parraz against the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, noting the ironic MCSO's taunting news release accusing Parraz of "chickening out" and that we had reached out to Parraz for an explanation.

Parraz stated today - on his Facebook wall (re-posted below) - that "no one was more disappointed about the final outcome of this case than me", while declining to explain "the circumstances, factors and legal considerations" behind his decision.

He then bemoaned the MCSO news release (posted in full in yesterday's article), calling it "retaliatory behavior... that attacks me and inaccurately describes what actually occurred yesterday."  (Arizona's Politics' article yesterday also included the Court's Minute Entry and noted that there was a mutual agreement to dismiss the case because both parties agreed to bear their own attorney's fees and costs incurred in the three years of litigation.)

In some respects, however, today's statement confirms the MCSO's account, in that it was apparently Parraz pursuing the negotiated dismissal and then-declining to discuss the "confidential" factors that led to his "very difficult decision".

Commenters on his Facebook post were mixed, with one supporter noting that Parraz is a public figure who asked for people's money (for the failed effort to recall Arpaio) and needs to be transparent.

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