Tuesday, August 27, 2013

YEAH, WE'RE LOOKING AT YOU, ARIZONA: Gay Slurs Fly In Tucson School Board Battle, Directed At Gabby Giffords Shooting Hero

(An occasional series featuring national coverage of Arizona.)

A Sunnyside School District (Tucson) recall battle has apparently gone very dirty, with fliers circulating with gay slurs directed at boardmember Daniel Hernandez.  Hernandez is nationally-known as the intern who helped save former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords' life when she was shot in the head in 2011.

The issue of the fliers was first published on Right Wing Watch, and then picked up by the widely-read Huffington Post.  The Tucson Weekly has been the only Arizona publication taking note of the story so far.

Both of the national websites have posted denials from either the School Board President or his brother-in-law who is managing the effort to collect recall signatures against Hernandez and one other boardmember; the dispute is over approval or disapproval for the district's superintendent.

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