Thursday, August 22, 2013

Not-Yet-Presidential-Candidate Scott Walker Endorses Sal DiCiccio In Phoenix City Council Race (DEAR MOM AND DAD - AND EVERYONE - PLEASE SEND MONEY)

Hard on the heels of an Arizona Republic editorial comparison between Phoenix City Councilmember Sal DiCiccio and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, DiCiccio's campaign obtained an endorsement from the potential 2016 Presidential candidate and is using it for fundraising purposes.

The unsigned editorial compares DiCiccio's feud with local unions (including a failed recall effort) to Walker's similar feud (in which he survived a recall election).

The Facebook post/fundraising appeal (posted below, click to enlarge) includes an endorsing statement from the Governor with a simple plea to "join Governor Scott Walker in supporting Sal DiCiccio."

It is certainly not unheard-of for presidential candidates to name-check local politicians, but it is noteworthy for a Governor from a faraway state to endorse a City Council candidate (long before announcing a run for national office).  Yesterday, Politico analyzed Walker's stealth strategy.

(The most note-worthy statement in the endorsement/fundraising piece is the last sentence, making it appear that the city of Phoenix does not presently have its "fiscal house in order".)

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Phoenix Justice said...

Wait. The governor of Wisconsin endorsed a Phoenix City Council candidate? WTF?! Doesn't Governor Walker have enough to deal with in Wisconsin?