Thursday, August 22, 2013

NEW SERIES: Arizona Political Fundraising, or, "Dear Mom and Dad - and, EVERYONE - Please Send Money"

Arizona's Politics is beginning a new series today, "Dear Mom and Dad - and, EVERYONE - please send money!"  (Yeah, it's a long title, but everyone really likes that Sugarland song, "Baby Girl".)  We hope that it is valuable because it often shows another side of the officeholder/candidate/campaign, and may contain statements that we will then try to Fact Check.

We will be posting those constant e-mails, snail mails, Facebook posts and ads wheedling for campaign funds.  We get a lot of the fundraising appeals in our mailboxes, but we are soliciting your help, too.  If you receive something that we might like to publish, PLEASE send it to .  (Let me know if we can use your first name/last initial, or if you wish to remain anonymous.)

And now, the best part of this post:

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