Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"CHICKEN!!!" Sheriff Arpaio's Office Gleeful At Day of Trial Agreement To Dismiss Harassment Case By Activist Parraz

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office was downright gleeful today after the morning-of-trial dismissal of a federal court harassment suit against it by activist Randy Parraz.  The news release taunted Parraz - who led the failed effort to recall Sheriff Joe Arpaio - with the following headline:

The full news release is published below.

Parraz had brought the federal harassment case following his arrest outside a County Board of Supervisors meeting, protesting Arpaio and his policies.  The charges against Parraz were later dismissed, and Parraz filed a harassment claim in federal court, in 2011.  

Parraz announced the dismissal on his Facebook page this morning, stating only that "my case was dismissed this morning. No need for anyone to attend. Thank you for your support."  Arizona's Politics has asked Parraz for more details, and will supplement, if necessary.

The MCSO news release focuses heavily on the costs incurred in the three years of litigation, claiming that Parraz was responsible for the frivolous waste of taxpayers' dollars.  The claim is interesting, as both parties agreed to the dismissal and agreed to bear their own attorneys' fees and costs, indicating that the Sheriff's attorneys were not overly confident in a favorable verdict, and is somewhat ironic in that the MCSO has settled other cases on the eve of trial and has not claimed that they wasted taxpayers' money in fighting them to a settlement.

Also published below is an order from the Court last week, excluding some evidence that the Plaintif wanted to introduce and permitting others that the Defendants had challenged.  Finally, is this morning's minute entry ordering the dismissal of the case.

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