Thursday, August 1, 2013

Governor Brewer's Personal Super PAC Raises Nearly Quarter-Million Dollars In 2013; Healthcare, Construction Big Contributors (FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS)

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer refilled the treasury of her personal Super PAC in the first half of 2013, partly as a result of her decision to push for expansion of AHCCCS ("Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, aka Medicaid).  Most of the $230,000+ raised this period was in $5-10,000 chunks.  A company looking to privatize Arizona's highway rest areas also helped her raise money.

Jan PAC began the year with $214,533.95 cash on hand, and she increased that to $328,786.76 as of June 30.  Of the amount raised, almost exactly half ($116,082.05) was spent on fundraising expenses - including continuing purchases of her own book from Amazon (approximately $1,370).

As opposed to the previous year's mix of big donor solicitations and small donor direct mail efforts, Jan PAC focused on a few big fundraising events around the country, with large gifts.  The Governor has the freedom to decide how to spend the money on independent expenditures; in 2012, she focused on mailers supporting Arizona Republican Congressional candidates.

Healthcare-related big donations (>$1,000) include:
--Blue Cross/Blue Shield of AZ, $5,000 on 1/17
--Vanguard Health, $10,000 on 2/19
--I-ASIS Healthcare PAC, $5,000 on 2/20
--Lifepoint Hospital PAC, $5,000 on 2/21
--Sanofi-Aventis PAC, $1,000 on 1/9

Energy companies have also been major benefactors:
--APS, $3,631.09 on 1/9 (including in-kind for event)
--Western Refining, $5,000 on 1/16
--Pilot Oil, $10,000 on 2/11 and 4/6
--HollyFrontier Corp., $5,000 on 4/24
--Kinder Morgan, 10,000 on 4/30
--Exelon, $1,250 on 4/20
--Southwest Gas, $1,000 on 1/15

Construction and industrial companies, several of whom do business with Arizona or are seeking to, include:
--Chanen Construction, $5,000 on 1/29
--Infrastructure Corporation of America, $16,435.41 on 2/19-23 (including event)
--M&M Industries, $5,000 on 2/20
--Tratt Properties, $2,500 on 4/22
--CEMEX PAC, $5,000 on 4/16

Infrastructure Corporation of America's major donation plus hosting an event is worthy of note.  ICA recently re-submitted an unsolicited proposal to the Arizona Department of Transportation to privatize rest areas along Arizona highways.  The proposal - submitted within weeks of the contributions - is currently under consideration as a possible public-private partnership (P3).

Copart, a national auto auction company with a location(s) in Arizona, founded by Willis Johnson, continues to be a large funder of JanPAC, donating $20,000 so far this year.  Political consultants also are big contributors.

(Note: JAN PAC has consistently declined to answer Arizona's Politics' requests for responses in the past; we will make an attempt today, too, and will supplement this article with any relevant information.)

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