Tuesday, August 27, 2013

OFF-TOPIC: (Not-So-)Serious Thoughts About Miley Cyrus and the VMA's

(The unfortunate performances by young, no-longer-remembered-for-Disney-stardom Miley Cyrus on Sunday probably need no further analysis... or links, for that matter.  Instead, here are a couple of the goofy conversations I had earlier on Facebook.)

#1:  Twist and Shout!  If I had any expertise in Photoshopping or video editing, this would be fun.  Perhaps someone can help out:

People are acting like "twerk" is some new word and some new thang. 

In fact, the word's been around forever. (Everyone knew that.) Did you know... that the Isley Brothers and the Beatles were specifically singing to Miley's grandma backalmost 50 years ago (this week): "Shake it up, baby! Twist and shout! (Twist and shout.) C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon baby, now! Come on and TWERK it on out! (TWERK it on out.) Wooooooooooo!" http://bit.ly/TwIsT

#2:  Weekend Update.  You need to be of "a certain age" to remember these original bits in the first couple of years of Saturday Night Live.  For those younger (or, older), I am embedding a clip:

(Emily Litella) What's all this I keep hearing about people being upset that Ms. Cyrus is working? Shouldn't we be proud of her? I thought we wanted all of our kids to grow up and start working! 

Sure, unemployment is slowly starting to come down, but there are still lots of people who aren't working, and this young lady has become a working woman, and we're upset about it? It is just not right!

And, I just heard that in this week that we're remembering that civil rights leader who dreamed about more people in the Negro community working, that the unemployment rate for Black people is STILL twice that of the White population. We shouldn't be upset about someone working, but we should have had more people of all races and nationalities up on that stage working. More working!

And, I think that young woman is properly named, too. Why should you be Smiley while you're working. Almost like those seven elves who used to work...

(Jane Curtin) Emily, Emily, MILEY Cyrus was not WORKING! People were upset because she was TWERKING. Twerking, not working. And, those seven WORKING guys were DWARFS, not elves.

(Emily) Oh. I see. Then, what the hell is TWERKING?

(Jane) You don't want to know. Just, get out of here. Please!

(Emily) All right, all right, never mind..........Bitch!


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