Friday, August 2, 2013

WATCH: DiCiccio Begins Airing POSITIVE TV Ads In Contentious City Council Race (with Transcript); Ad Buy 1/4 Of Fire Fighters' Opposing Ad

Phoenix City Councilmember Sal DiCiccio began airing his first re-election television ad today, and - notwithstanding the negative tone of the campaign and the currently-airing fire fighters' union's ads opposing him - DiCiccio's ad is conspicuously positive.

The ad is a straightforward recitation of what DiCiccio considers to be his greatest accomplishments during his tenure on the Council.  The transcript (as transcibed by Arizona's Politics) is below.

Documents filed by KPNX (Channel 12) with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) indicate that the total market ad buy will be for $64,250.  That is almost exactly one-fourth the size of the ad buy by Phoenix Truth and Safety ($231,000).

Early voting began yesterday, and the ads are scheduled to run up to Election Day on August 27.

Sal DiCiccio, a fiscal conservative who led the effort to ensure there were no increases in water, sewer and property tax rates.  DiCiccio is the leading voice to end Phoenix's food tax, and voted against the $137 million dollar food tax for pay raise scheme.  Sal DiCiccio created a jobs program that earned him the endorsements from the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce and small business owners.  Sal DiCiccio, protecting taxpayers by improving fiscal responsibility at City Hall.  Paid for by DiCiccio for City Council.

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