Thursday, April 19, 2018


4/20, 8:10am: KUDOS to the Joe Arpaio campaign fundraising email writer. Never one to avoid attention-grabbing subject lines on his emails, the 4/20 missive blares: "Getting high". Of course, it does not mention recreational, medicinal or illegal. However, it does use the words "high" and "paranoid" in the grabber opening sentence: "I hate to sound paranoid, but I am very worried about the state of this race. Frankly, we are in real jeopardy of losing our Senate majority and the stakes are too high for us to lose." 

Because it is a fundraising email, that *worry* should be taken seriously, not literally. FACTS do still matter in these emails, which is why you need to check out yesterday's article: 

FACT CHECK - FIRST ON @AZs_Politics: @RealSheriffJoe Arpaio Still Claims Mexican Drug Cartels Put $1M Bounty On His Head; How He Exaggerated, And His Deputies Promptly Gave Up On Investigating Claim
4/19, 1:15pm: After initially voting to not close debate on the nomination of Jim Bridenstine for NASA Administrator yesterday, Sen. Jeff Flake today voted with his GOP colleagues to approve his nomination. The final vote was 50-49. Reporting yesterday indicated that he switched his vote in return for an agreement that he would have a chance to speak with Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo about policy towards Cuba.

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