Thursday, April 19, 2018

FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS: APS, T.W. Lewis, University of Phoenix Top Arizona Contributors' To RGA (Ducey) - LIST

APS, T.W. Lewis, and University of Phoenix lead the list of Arizona contributors to the Republicannews today that the RGA plans to immediately start running $330,000 worth of ads tomorrow to support Governor Doug Ducey and his #20x2020 plan to give raises to Arizona school teachers.
Gov. Ducey in RGA tent at Phoenix Open
Governors Association. This information became more critical with the

Arizona's Politics previously reported that APS had donated $100,000 to the RGA. That amount for the 2017-18 period is now $125,000, after a $25,000 contribution on March 8 (just disclosed this week). That matches the amount given by Tom Lewis and his T.W. Lewis homebuilding company. University of Phoenix lags behind at $100,000. 

These amounts are reported to the IRS periodically, per tax rules for political organizations such as the RGA. There is no restriction on contribution limits, and corporations may donate, too. The RGA has also set up an Arizona account, which is apparently the group placing these new ads.

According to the ad order (below), Phoenix-area viewers will see $194,000 worth of ads over the next 10 days. No Tucson market orders have yet been filed (with the FCC).

Arizona's Politics will shortly expand the list of major Arizona contributors to the RGA.

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