Friday, April 13, 2018

CROWD-SOURCING: The 5 Clients Michael Cohen Referred To Squire Patton Boggs For $500k

When the post-Cohen raid news earlier this week indicated that Michael Cohen had a "Strategic Alliance" with Squire Patton Boggs, my interest was piqued. And today, we learn that Cohen received $500k+ from the firm, and that he had delivered 5 clients to them during the past year.

Now obviously, these aren't PI, family law, or even petty criminal referrals. I'm thinking lobbying, but it could be others. Lobbying seems to fit because of SPB's mega-lobbying business, what kind of people/entities would be contacting Cohen for access, etc.

To that end, here is a list of new clients that SPB registered with the U.S. Senate during the one-year pendency of the Strategic Alliance.

I'd be willing to put money up that one of the clients is "U.S. Immigration Fund, LLC". They've paid SPB $220k, and here is their website. (I checked it out earlier this week because they gave a (mere) $50k to a McCain-philic SuperPAC last year. (related story)


(BTW, I happened to be checking PACER yesterday morning to see if Cohen had filed something to challenge the raids, and instead found that Fusion GPS had just moved to dismiss Cohen's $100M defamation suit because he filed it too late and didn't allege actual malice. Read that article here.)

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