Tuesday, April 17, 2018

VALUED VOTER: "Some People Say I Am Violating Campaign Finance Law, But I Want You To Vote For Tipirneni"; FEC Complaint Filed

They are simple postcards written by volunteers from around the country, urging West Valley voters to vote for Hiral Tipirneni in next week's election. However, the Arizona Public Integrity Alliance believes they are an "illegal activity", and has asked the Federal Election Commission to find that they violate campaign finance laws.

Postcards From Voters is a group that began last year in a special election in Georgia, and encourages progressives to hand-write postcards to voters. The effort has taken off and has targeted voters in Arizona as well as in upcoming Congressional races.

The PIA announced today it had filed a complaint against Tipirneni's campaign because it has effectively accepted illegal campaign contributions from the group. They also note that the group encourages campaign committees to coordinate their desired messages with them.

Arizona's Politics is looking into whether the FEC has received and/or acted on any earlier complaints against this group, and will update as warranted.

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