Friday, April 13, 2018

BREAKING: Tipirneni Outraises Lesko, Has More Cash On Hand In #AZ08 Special Election (FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS)

In #AZ08, Democratic nominee Hiral Tipirneni outraised GOP opponent Debbie Lesko down the stretch to the April 24 Special Election and - importantly - has $72,000 more cash on hand.

The surprise in that is two-fold - the fact that it is a normally safe Republican Congressional District held for many years by resigned Rep. Trent Franks, and that Lesko has been a well-connected state Senator.

Both candidates filed their Pre-Special Election campaign finance reports last night, and they are presented below.

Tipirneni raised $434,000 in the 8 week period ending April 4, bringing her to-date (non-candidate) contributions to $642,000. She has spent $610,000 and entered the home stretch with $125,000 cash on hand. (The physician contributed and lent her campaign $93,000.)

Lesko had $53,000 cash in the bank on April 4. She raised $367,000 in the past period to bring her total to $537,000. She's spent $510,000. (Lent her campaign $25,000.)

As Arizona's Politics has been documenting, national Republicans have provided nearly $900,000 in support - a good portion for canvassing, phoning and functions that a campaign might normally handle on its own. There has been speculation that Lesko was not raising as much money as the party expected. (Further analysis of the newly-filed reports forthcoming.)

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