Tuesday, April 17, 2018

BREAKING UPDATE: National Republicans Spend Another $68k Phoning, Mailing In #AZ08 As Candidates Reach The Home Stretch; $958k To Date (FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS)

The Republican National Committee spent another $68,189 today, mailing and phoning potential voters in next week's #AZ08 Special Election. The total for national GOP groups is now at $937,516 for the solidly-red West Valley district.

The FEC filing divulges that the $40,000 worth of calls have both pro-Debbie Lesko and anti-Hiral Tipirneni messages, while the mail piece is simply negative against the Democratic nominee.

Arizona's Politics has been documenting the new phenomenon of heavy GOP spending for the Congressional seat that was held for many years by Trent Franks.

The Arizona Secretary of State's Office today lowered its turnout forecast to 278,000 ballots, noting that half of that number have already been cast. 49% of the cast ballots belong to registered Republicans, while 28% are from Democrats and 23% are from independents/others/PNDs.

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