Monday, February 3, 2014

AG Tom Horne Calls Primary Opponent Brnovich "JV at best"; SUPER BOWL TAUNTING, ARIZONA POLITICAL STYLE, UPDATED

People can get pretty loose on Twitter.  Especially during the Super Bowl (or, other partying events).  Even if you are Arizona's Attorney General, and trying to join in the fun.

As Arizona's Politics reported last night, AG Tom Horne posted an innocuous Tweet about the Super Bowl, which ended up resulting in one of his aides calling GOP primary opponent Mark Brnovich "a third string quarterback."

What Arizona's Politics has since discovered* is that Horne himself - during the Super Bowl - responded to (Democratic opponent Felecia Rotellini's spokesperson) Rodd McLeod with a Brnovich diss that echoed Brett Mecum's.

Horne even (thoughtfully) hash-tagged his quip - which was no doubt intended to be humorous - with the #AZAG and #AZGOP tags, so that other Arizona Republicans would see it (and screenshot it).

The incumbent Attorney General apparently thought that he had exhibited poor impulse control**, and deleted it.  However, much like the supposedly-temporary Snap Chat, there was no way to prevent numerous people from screen-shotting the Tweet.

Here is the rest of last night's Twitter conversation.  (Although the Tweet times are not on it, by going to @AZs_Politics on Twitter and clicking on "view conversation", you can establish that Horne's 2nd tweet came several hours after Mecum's "3rd string" reference and Brnovich's "Kurt Warner" reply.)

* The non-profit Sunlight Foundation runs a wonderful little project - called "PolitWoops" - that maintains a database of tweets that public officials/candidates have made-then-deleted.  Some are for innocent reasons, some are because the Tweeter has realized that he or she should not have hit that "Tweet" button.

** There's an FBI line in there, somewhere.

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Michael Bryan said...

Looks like Horne could use a ScapeTern...

Mitch M. said...

Thanks, Michael! That's perfect, and I love the timing coincidence, too. "ScapeTern":, and subsequently,