Monday, February 10, 2014

BREAKING: MCSO Confirms Sheriff Arpaio Now Has 2 FT Detectives Working On Investigation Related To President Obama Birth Certificate Investigation

(CORRECTION, 12:00pm, 2/11/14: Article has been corrected to refer to Mike Zullo as "Lead Investigator" rather than "Lt."  Although he has been referred to by that rank, he does not personally use it and Arizona's Politics found no corroboration of it.)

(UPDATE, 7:00pm:  The MCSO has now retracted the previous statement to Arizona's Politics, saying that he had been "misinformed", and that the detectives are investigating "cases not even related."  The full statement, and article, can be found here.)

(UPDATE, 3:40pm:  The MCSO has given a new statement to Arizona's Politics:  "We have two Sheriff’s detectives assigned to look into other issues surrounding the birth certificate, however they are not investigating the birth certificate issue itself.")

(UPDATE, 3:30pm:  An MCSO spokesperson responded to Arizona's Politics requests: "We request that you contact Mike Zullo for comment on this case."  The article has been edited to include the response.)

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio - who has had his Cold Case Posse investigating the legitimacy of U.S. President Barack Obama's birth certificate since 2011 - now has two full-time detectives investigating something related to the birth certificate investigation.

Lead Investigator Mike Zullo, who has been heading up the birth certificate inquiry, made the claim this past Friday in an interview on a radio show by Pastor Carl Gallups, emphasizing that it does not violate Arpaio's promise not to spend taxpayer money on the birth certificate investigation.  He hints that the new criminal investigation is "fluid, evolving, and it is very intense."

Arpaio spokesperson Lt. Brandon Jones confirmed to Arizona's Politics that the detectives are working on the related investigation. After first referring the matter to Zullo for comment, Jones stated: "We have two Sheriff’s detectives assigned to look into other issues surrounding the birth certificate, however they are not investigating the birth certificate issue itself."

Zullo also stated that he and Arpaio are very close to having an "event" to announce new information related to the Obama birth certificate investigation.  The oft-delayed announcement has most recently been scheduled for next month, but in the interview, Zullo indicates it might be pushed back further.

The information regarding the two full-time detectives is at about the 3:10 mark in the video below.

Arpaio received much heat from the media and public in 2012 when it was learned that an MCSO deputy had spent several days in Hawaii assisting Zullo.  Arpaio said that donations to the Cold Case Posse would allow that separate entity (that is affiliated with the MCSO) to reimburse the taxpayers.

Here is the rest of the Gallups/Zullo interview:

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  1. When did Mike Zullo become a lieutentant?

    1. Birthers refer to him as Commander, Major, Captain, etc. The amusing thing is when they start combing terms, like Special Commander Lt. Zullo. Google skillfully and I've no doubt you'll find a reference to Starfleet Commander.

      The only appropriate title, of course, is Grifter.

    2. IOWs - Instead of the Obots learning that Zullo isn't the issue...
      They continue to make Zullo the issue even though Barry lies like a rug.

      When are the Obots going to admit that they are wrong as they always were and are?

      The only appropriate title that should append itself to the Obots is "gullible minions" since they hitched their wagons to Barry the liar and no matter what will keep defending him no matter how many lies he tells.

    3. Didn't read the article?

      The corrected article now states .:

      "(CORRECTION, 12:00pm, 2/11/14: Article has been corrected to refer to Mike Zullo as "Lead Investigator" rather than "Lt." Although he has been referred to by that rank, he does not personally use it and Arizona's Politics found no corroboration of it.)"

      Thus others call him Lt but Zullo doesn't refer to himself as a Lt.

      Obots just need to keep posting non-points to keep themselves mistakenly thinking they know what's going on.

    4. As indicated by the timestamp, the question about Zullo's rank preceded the correction. (It likely caused the correction.)

      But thanks for playing.

  2. An imaginary title for a former used car salesman to investigate imaginary crimes. Oh... send money.


  3. I am sure the fine taxpayers of Maricopa County are thrilled to know that the crime levels have dropped so low and the clear up rates on cold cases have risen so high that Arpaio has free resource available for a racially biased, conspiracy fueled imaginary "investigation".

    1. That is untrue. It is not motivated by race. The birth certificate on the white house server is a 100% confirmed forgery backed by a Hawai'i court certified forensic handwriting and computer-document examiner with impeccable credentials.

    2. There is no such thing as a "court certified" forensic examiner. Experts are certified on a case by case basis and he has not been certified in regards to this. There is also nothing in Hayes' resume to suggest he has experience in "computer document examination". His area of expertise is in handwriting which the BC contains very little of. His craft according to his own writings is a pseudo science akin to palm reading and isn't recognized by the forensic community. Hayes has never released a report.

    3. I'm sure the Obots will defend Barry no matter what he says or does because past history shows that they do...
      There is no racial aspect to requiring all POTUSs to be eligible... Barry ain't and so the Obots need to drop the whining over Barry being called to the carpet on his lack of eligibility.... The fact is that Barry LIED about smears that he first called on his Obot minions to defend him against.
      Barry Kenyan POB was written and published clear back in 1991 and was edited and published many times for 16 years...
      The Hillary supporters knew that fact existed...
      Berg sued Obama because it was known that Barry was born in Kenya... Sarah Obama being quoted as being present when Barry was born was of course not a misquote...
      The Obots bought wholesale into the con job that Barry pulled on them. The images Barry posted are w/o a doubt forgeries... The Obots then just need to wake the Hell up instead of continuing to run interference for Barry the liar that will only throw them under the bus when necessary!

      Hayes has been used by the same firm that is defending Barry....
      If what he does is akin to palm reading then the law firm defending Barry is akin to using occultists! LOL
      The report is in the possession of the CCP.

      The "hand writing" the WH image contains what could only partially be considered "hand writing" since there are portions of the "signatures" that aren't handwriting at all but instead are computer generated drawings....

      Barry lies and the Obots will keep defending that liar no matter what!

  4. The inmates ARE running the asylum in Maricopa County!

    1. According to what?

    2. Typical Obot hyperbole...
      Nope it's a county jail and not an asylum of course ...
      And nope the illegal aliens and other convicts are sleeping in the tent city when they are in one of the jail cells and being guarded by LEO guards...
      Barry the lying fraud is on the outside driving America into being a 3rd world country when he should be on the inside of a cell with his fellow criminal types.
      The Obots are just being their goofy selves while they ate running interference for Barry while he is running America into the ground.

  5. Detectives,
    Keep a high profile or CIA GOONS WILL VAPORIZE THE EVIDENCE & the witnesses.

    Watergate was a molehill compared to the EVIL LAWLESS COVERT MAFIA RUNNING OBAMA / SOETORO & his avaricious executive branch

    1. Hey Pat, look over there! A squirrel is stealing your nuts!

  6. Listen to the Monday night WOBC radio show via podcast at:

    CDR Kerchner (Ret)

    1. Yes listen to Kerchner ignore birtherreport by claiming that obots hacked their site even though the "owner" of birther report didn't believe that was the case. Then listen to kerchner smear FDR about the bonus army incident that happened under Herbert Hoover.

  7. There is some miscommunication here. It was hoped that some very important information could be released in the next month. However, that was never definite, and the date of March 19, was set by Obots and spread by them as a rumor to discredit the Sheriff's investigation. New developments will delay public disclosure of some matters, but it is anticipated that many very significant facts will be in the public eye by mid summer or early fall.

    1. I assure you, Bill, no miscommunication here. At least, not in the articles.

    2. So you're already making an excuse Bill? It was Mike Volin who originally claimed March; followed by Gallups and then Mike Zullo. But as with what happened last time when Zullo claimed an April and June timeframe for big things he will continue to fail to deliver.

    3. Speaking of excuses ...
      The CCP has already delivered on the investigation that ruled the WH image was forgery and the Obots have been trying like a hive of maddened bees to go after them ever since.
      Anything that they do on top of that is just icing on the cake...
      Barry's already shown his utter disregard for the American people by pushing a law that he knew would make them lose Drs and insurance and the lies associated with that law was so that he could garner votes he wouldn't get unless he lied...
      The LIE that he told about being born in Hawaii entails the same criteria to get the votes to get elected.
      There was no smear because teh 1991 bio shows w/o a doubt that the Kenyan POB wasn't a smear invented by his opponents and of course that thoroughly debunks the claim that the issue was ever about Barry being Black!
      THE OBOTS LAPPED UP THE NONSENSE talking points in the Barry created conspiracy theory that he was being smeared like the overly eager to believe minions that they are.