Saturday, February 22, 2014

IF IT'S SUNDAY... Arizona Senator John McCain On "Face The Nation" Re: Ukraine, Syria, & Probably Pending Arizona Religion vs. Discrimination Bill

The next stop on Arizona Senator John McCain's circuit of the Sunday news shows is CBS' "Face the Nation," tomorrow.  McCain will allow Bob Schieffer to question him about the current situations in Ukraine and Syria.  (Schieffer notes in his blog that he - Schieffer - does not think there is much that the United States can do with the fast-moving Ukrainian situation.)

And, considering the amount of coverage that the Arizona state bill regarding the intersection of freedom of religion and discrimination against homosexuals is getting nationally - and the McCain family's public positions on gay marriage - it is likely that Schieffer will ask McCain for a comment on SB1062/HB2153 that is heading for Governor Brewer's desk.

"Face the Nation" airs at 8:30am in Phoenix, and 9:30am in Tucson.

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