Sunday, February 2, 2014

NOT YOUR ORDINARY POLITICAL SUPER BOWL BANTER: Arizona GOP AG Candidates (and staff) Mix It Up, QB Kurt Warner Slammed In Process

(Updated, 2/3/14 10:00am:  Turns out AG Horne also tweeted a Brnovich diss.)

Political banter surrounding the Super Bowl (or other big sporting events) is usually pretty bland - a friendly bet between the mayors/governors/etc from the competing teams' hometowns.  Not so in the just-heating up GOP primary battle for Arizona Attorney General.

Of course, it took place on Twitter.  Incumbent GOP AG Tom Horne Tweeted a bland "who's your pick" message this morning.  Rodd McLeod - who just happens to be a spokesperson for the de facto Democratic nominee, Felecia Rotellini - apparently could not resist a jab: "I think it could be Brnovich if he runs a tight offensive line."

The former Executive Director of the Arizona Republican party, and current Legislative Affairs Liaison for the Attorney General, Brett Mecum decided to retort by insulting the primary challenger to Horne, Mark Brnovich.  Mecum compared the former Arizona Gaming Director to a 3rd string QB.

That got Brnovich into the action, noting that beloved former Arizona Cardinals QB Kurt Warner was, too.  Mecum got in a double slam, tweeking Warner and Brnovich in the same Tweet.*

* Warner got the Cardinals TO the Super Bowl (1st time ever), completed 31 of 43 passes for 377 yards, and the Cardinals lost a close game, 27-23, to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Anonymous said...

Go Mark! You've got a lot if support!

Mitch M. said...

Thanks, Anon! But, was that supposed to be "of support" or "iffy support"? ;-)