Wednesday, September 3, 2014

FIRST WATCH: DCCC's New Half-Million Dollar Ad Does Double Duty Vs. Tobin, Ducey (FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS)

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ("DCCC") dropped a $446,000 ad today, and while it hammers Andy Tobin as he begins his general election battle against Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-CD1), it is doing double duty shoring up Democrat Fred DuVal in the Governor's race.

The DCCC calls its new ad "Making It", and it goes after Arizona's record of cutting spending on universities and K-12 education the past few years while Tobin was Speaker of the Arizona House.  Not coincidentally, it hits the airwaves days after the Republican Governors' Association ("RGA") began hammering DuVal for Arizona college tuition going up the past few years while DuVal was on the Board of Regents.

The ad ends with the tag "Our middle class can't afford Andy Tobin".  The RGA Arizona ad (below) features the similar line "Lobbyist Fred DuVal made middle class families pay more."

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