Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Oops! @NRCC Mixes Up Stock Video Footage Of @RepKirkpatrick and @RepSinema In Latest Ad AND Forgets 1st Rule Of Negative Ads!

We just posted an article about the latest ad by the National Republican Congressional Committee ("NRCC").  The video attacking incumbent Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-CD2) struck us as odd.

It only shows the actress portraying Kirkpatrick from the waist down.  That is odd enough by itself, but the actress is wearing a tight skirt and high heels; that is very odd because it is closer to the attire worn by fellow Arizona Democratic Representative Kyrsten Sinema (D-CD9) than Kirkpatrick - who favors Western wear, jeans and boots.

But, what makes it EXTREMELY odd is that it shows the bottom half of an attractive actress; everyone - including the NRCC - knows that you always use the most UNATTRACTIVE portrayals (that you can get away with) of your negative ad target. Weird!

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