Monday, September 15, 2014

FLASHBACK: The Not-Devastating-Enough Democratic Attorneys General ("CJF") Ad Against Horne In 2010

Since we are discussing the new campaign by the Democratic Attorneys General Association to win Arizona's Attorney General's office for Felecia Rotellini - and, its coming-soon-to-every-screen-near-you $1M ad - it seems appropropriate to revisit the nasty attack ad the AG's group leveled at  then Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne.

The ad, through attack ad arm Committee for Justice & Fairness, was aired non-stop during the last weeks of the campaign.

Horne won a very close election over Rotellini, but lost last month in his primary election bid for re-election.  (One can only imagine what DAGA/CJF/GC-CJF has in store for Mark Brnovich; it would not take much imagination to picture the ads if Horne had in store for Horne if he had defeated Mark Brnovich for the GOP nomination.)

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