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MATCHING GAME, 2014 ARIZONA AG EDITION: Border Security Blurbs On Candidates' Websites

The new Republican Attorneys General Association ("RAGA") ad claims that Felecia Rotellini - the Democratic nominee for Arizona's Attorney General - does not support securing the border.  So, Arizona's Politics went to both candidates' websites to check out the issue blurbs.  We will fill in with actual quotes later (feel free to send us quotes, cites).  See if you can figure out which website each blurb comes from! (We are removing obvious identifiers, and taking some snippets to focus on border security and to make it more illustrative.)

Website #1:
Plan To Protect Arizonans from the Mexican Drug Cartels, Human Smugglers and Organized Crime

“Zero Tolerance for Those Who Illegally Transport Goods or People Across Our Borders”,4675,WesternUnion,00.html
A Problem of Epidemic Proportions

Illegal activity on our southern border has reached epidemic proportions. Transportation of drugs, guns and human beings by criminal cartels and human smugglers has increased border lawlessness resulting in human tragedies. Arizona has become “ground zero” for crimes committed daily as a result of the Federal Government’s failed policies and lackluster enforcement of current laws by local and state officials. Empty rhetoric and ideological tirades of the past four years have divided our community and prevented effective enforcement.


Website #2:
ENFORCE Our Illegal Immigration Laws & Protect Our Borders

Whether that be protecting our voter ID laws or ensuring programs like E-Verify are adhered to, we need to make sure our immigration laws are respected and enforced. I am against amnesty and support law and order.


Website #1:
A Two Pronged Plan to Secure Our Border

The Attorney General’s office must focus on the criminals who invade our border and profit from their illegal activity. As these criminals and their smuggled goods and human cargo migrate from the border to their distribution centers, a trail of crime, destroyed property and human misery follow. Kidnappings and extortion are commonplace. These criminals are violent, sophisticated and organized. The protection of Arizona’s homeland and its citizens needs the involvement of every level of law enforcement.

The Federal Government has failed in its responsibility to secure our borders. This has created a void in enforcement that the Attorney General will fill. I propose a two pronged attack of simultaneously and vigorously prosecuting and demanding harsh prison sentences for cartels and human smugglers, while at the same time destroying the ability of the criminals to financially profit by utilizing Arizona’s RICO statutes to seize their assets.
Force the Federal Government to Do Its Job at the Border

Securing the Border will increase opportunities for trade with Mexico, spur economic development and lead to increased revenue for Arizona businesses. As Attorney General, I will use the Office to call out the federal government for its failure to fix the broken immigration system. I will also continue to pressure Arizona’s U. S. Senators and Congressional Delegation to pass immigration reform. With effective and smart reforms, law enforcement can more effectively fight violent criminals and focus its limited resources on keeping Arizonans safe.


Website #2:
I will do everything I can as Attorney General to work with border community law enforcement agencies to keep our communities safe.

Within my first 60 days in office, I’ll convene a statewide summit of county prosecutors, sheriffs, police chiefs and other lawmen and women. These law enforcement professionals are truly Arizona’s “boots on the ground” when it comes to protecting the public. And while the law enforcement priorities in Cochise County aren’t necessarily the same as those in Apache County, all of us in Arizona are dealing with common concerns such as human smuggling and the drug trade.

As Attorney General, I’m committed to working together with these law enforcement professionals – Republican or Democrat – to keep Arizona citizens safe.

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