Thursday, March 3, 2016

Arizona Governors Past and Present Support - In Varying Degrees - Donald Trump

As the political topic du semaine (du an?) continues to be what GOP leaders should do about Donald Trump's blitz to the Republican nomination for President, Arizona Governors past and present were in the news today on the topic.  Present Governor Doug Ducey pledged that he would support Trump if he were in the general election. Meanwhile,  former Governor Jan Brewer lamented GOP efforts to take down Trump.

Ducey was at a Phoenix school this morning reading Dr. Seuss as part of Read Across America, when reporters tried to pin him down. It was only later that he made the promise to support the nominee - even if it is Trump.

Brewer, who has already endorsed Trump, was at the American Conservative Union's CPAC in Washington, DC, today, when a Huffington Post reporter grabbed a quote from her about the blistering speech former nominee Mitt Romney was about to deliver:  "I thought it was a little bit harsh and over the top and I wonder why we as Republicans want to always eat our own," (She had read excerpts released in advance.)
(Associated Press)
(Article re: Romney's Presidential campaign committee's warchest)

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