Monday, March 14, 2016

Sheriff Arpaio Using Seized Gun Sales To Create Armed Posse; Looking For 300 Good Arms*

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is announcing recruitment efforts for a 100-member armed posse today.  Costs will be covered by $257,000 from sales of seized and forfeited guns, and from additional fundraising efforts involving gun sales to be announced at a news conference.

Last week, Arizona's Politics wrote about the Board of Supervisors agreeing last week to move the gun sales' proceeds from the County's general fund to the MCSO for "the safety of its posse members."  MCSO PIO Director Det. Chris Hegstrom confirmed to Arizona's Politics that today's armed posse announcement is related to those new funds.

Today's news release indicates that they will have "some guns being sold to help in the recruitment process", so it would appear that some sales will be in addition to some or all of the $257,000.

*100 armed posse members have approximately 200 arms, plus approximately one firearm for each, equals 300.

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