Monday, March 21, 2016

WATCH (graphic): Arizona Gets Small Blast Of Democratic Pro-Life Presidential Candidate TV Ads (UPDATE)

Arizona TV viewers are getting a small blast of a graphic ad from pro-life Democratic Presidential candidate Henry Hewes. The (approx) $2,000 ad buy is coming out of the candidate's own pocket, as he has not yet accepted any contributions from fellow activists.

Arizona's Politics reported last week on the New York real estate investor's attempts to take to the Phoenix and Tucson airwaves before Tuesday's Presidential Preference Election. Since then, Hewes decided to spend $2,000 of his own money for a limited run of two of his jarring 30-second commercials. (Ads shown below.)

One of the ads shows what appears to be a full term baby sprawled out on a medical sheet with its severed head lying next to it.  Hewes tells Arizona's Politics that he has not verified that it is a still picture of the aftermath of a (late-term) abortion, and declined to name the fellow activist who gave him the picture to use."

The second ad uses Martin Luther King, Jr. to decry "the genocide" of Blacks by abortions. (There is, however, much disagreement over the late civil rights leader's positions on the subject - he was awarded by Planned Parenthood, but one of his nieces claims he was strongly pro-life.

Hewes is energized by the fact that he finished third in the Democratic primary in Missouri last week, noting with a laugh that he finished well behind Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, but ahead of Martin O'Malley (who had withdrawn). Hewes received 648 votes.

The MLK ad airs today and tomorrow during KNXV (Ch.15)'s midday news, and the severed-head spot is running somewhere in the 1am or 2am hours.  In Tucson, the ads are running on fellow Scripps-owned KGUN (Ch.9) and will air 10 times, including during the late-night Jimmy Kimmel and Nightline shows.

Hewes tells Arizona's Politics that New Hampshire TV station WMUR received numerous complaints about the aborted fetus ad, and that he hopes that the ads will provoke similar response in Arizona about this "dominant and imperative issue".

The 1st ad below is the MLK Jr ad, the 2nd is the more-graphic one. Please view accordingly.

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