Friday, March 25, 2016

READ: Christine Jones Tests The Mesa Waters To Replace Salmon In Congress; Won't Be "Beholden To Anyone"

Christine Jones filed paperwork yesterday to explore whether she should run to replace Matt Salmon in Congress.

Her "testing the waters" filing allows her to perform pre-campaigning activities, such as polling and talking to voters to help her decide whether she wants to campaign against State Senate President Andy Biggs (LD12) and State Rep. Justin Olson (LD25) for the Republican nomination in August.

Although she will probably self-fund her explorations, she is allowed to accept a reasonable amount of contributions, which would count against limits if she declares her candidacy.

Jones, former counsel for, unsuccessfully ran for Governor in 2014.  She finished 3rd in the GOP primary, behind now-Gov. Doug Ducey and former Mesa Mayor Scott Smith.

In her Facebook announcement, she used the Donald Trump-like line that - because GoDaddy blessed her with the opportunity - "I believe I can make a difference in Washington without being beholden to anyone."

Jones spent $5.3M on her gubernatorial campaign, and benefitted from the $2.1M contributed to former GoDaddy boss Bob Parsons to a Super PAC ("Better Leaders for Arizona").  She also received more than $200K from other contributors.

No Democratic candidate has announced their candidacy for the open(ing) seat.

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