Wednesday, March 9, 2016

NEW: Maricopa County's Legal Fees In Sheriff's Racial Profiling Suits Rise To $4.25M; Additional Law Firm Hired

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors are voting this morning on adding a Chicago attorney to its legal team defending racial profiling actions against the Sheriff's Office, and upping the legal fees' limit to $4.25M (from $3.30M).

The item on today's meeting agenda retroactively adds the national law firm of Winston & Strawn to "provide consultation and support to the (already-on-the-case) Walker-Peskind law firm" for both the Melendres and federal court actions against the MCSO.

The Melendres action is ongoing - there is a court-appointed monitor trying to push Arpaio's department to abide by court orders, as well as the criminal contempt proceedings against the Sheriff and some of his leadership.

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