Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pair of Multi-Billionaire Couples Fund Ducey's $3.7M Prop. 123 Campaign; Opposition Raises $617.00 (FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS)

The campaign to pass Gov. Doug Ducey's Proposition 123 easily surpassed its $3M fundraising target with $1,000,000 contributions from each of two of northeast Phoenix's multi-billionaire couples.

"Let's Vote For Arizona Schools" raised $3.7M by February 23, with more than half coming from Bob & Renee Parsons and Bruce & Diane Halle.  The GoDaddy and Discount Tire founders had each chipped in $1M.

The Committee takes to the Arizona airwaves today with its first advertisement. Watch here.

Prop. 123 will be the subject of a special election on May 17. It was put on the ballot by the Legislature at Gov. Ducey's behest and will provide money for Arizona's education system by altering the distribution of funds from state's permanent land trust.

Besides the Parsons and the Halles, much of the $3.7M raised comes from homebuilders and other corporations. Those contributing more than $50,000 include: Ed Robson/Robson Communities ($50k), Larry VanTuyl ($50k), Ira Fulton ($100k), Greater Phoenix Leadership ($220k), SRP ($75k), Helios Education Foundation ($100k), Cox Communications ($77,700), Blandford Homes ($50k), the ASU Foundation ($75k), DMB ($50k), Grand Canyon University ($50k), and the Arizona Cardinals ($50k).

Millionaire Doug Ducey did not contribute to the committee, but his campaign did donate its email list for fundraising purposes, which it valued at a reasonable $1,116.

Through Feb. 23, the committee had spent more than $300,000, leaving cash on hand of $3.4M. The biggest expenditures were for consultants Lovas Co. ($100k), Sean Noble-affiliated Direct Response Group ($36k), Public Opinion Strategies ($38k) and bpgraphics ($36k).

The committee opposing Prop. 123 had only raised $617 through the first deadline.

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