Monday, March 14, 2016

WATCH/BREAKING: Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders May Be Blasted On Phoenix TV As "Pro-Abortion Radical"...By A Democratic Candidate (FOLLOWING MONEY IN 2016 POLITICS)

Arizona anti-abortion activist/attorney John Jakubczyk is assisting Henry Hewes in his pro-life-laser-focused candidacy for the Democratic Presidential nomination. While Hewes has no campaign funds*, he is looking to advertise on Phoenix TV stations KNXV (Channel 15) and KPNX (Channel 12), bringing his message of Hillary Clinton-as-pro-abortion-radical and Planned Parenthood's "lynching... of Black babies" to Arizona viewers.

Arizona's Politics asked Jakubczyk - who signed Hewes' Arizona forms to get him on the ballot for next week's Presidential Preference Election - and Hewes for more details.  Hewes did sign a certification that the ads on KNXV will attack an opposing candidate, and his YouTube videos invariably mention Clinton.  He does have one ad - showing what appears to be a full-term baby lying on a blanket with a severed head next to it - which mentions both Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders; we are not yet sure whether he will use the ad below, one of the others posted, or a new one.

*He has not reached the $5,000 threshold to file campaign finance forms. 

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