Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Here are some of the more noteworthy campaign expenditures discovered today:

--Marco Rubio's Super PAC Conservative Solutions just filed with the FEC that they spent $5 Million today on positive TV ads in FLORIDA ($4.5M) and ILLINOIS ($447,034).  The new ads are not yet available on YouTube.

a) $171K on one Chicago station (WMAQ, NBC, Ch.5).

--The Club For Growth spent $200,000 yesterday on digital advertising in FLORIDA opposing Donald Trump.  They are distributing the ad "Tough Guy" (below), and have not spent nearly $1.4M in the Presidential race.

CFG also spent $400,000 in ILLINOIS and  $250,000 in MISSOURI this week,
a) $117K on one Chicago TV station (WMAQ, NBC, Ch.5).

--The American Future Fund PAC dropped its first $60,000 yesterday in TV advertising in FLORIDA against Donald Trump. It may be this ad claiming that the GOP frontrunner is out of control:

--TODAY, the American Future Fund added $1,000,000 to its FLORIDA TV buy opposing Trump, and $550,000 in ILLINOIS.  This brings their* totals to $2.9M and $1.0M in those states, respectively.

a) $35,000 in Sarasota. (Tampa/St. Pete)

*The AFF PAC is a related-but-different entity.

--Hillary Clinton's campaign today extended their TV advertising on Cleveland (OHIO) stations. She and Donald Trump are the two candidates currently on-air. (The latter with a $290,000 buy.)

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